NinjaTrader 7 FootPrint / Orderflow Chart Settings using Pix Connect !

NinjaTrader 7 FootPrint / Orderflow Chart Settings using Pix Connect !

Orderflow Flow Chat is widely used in NinjaTrader 7 and 8, here will show you some basic settings which you can apply in your Orderflow/ Footprint for proper view.

Step 1:-  Open NInjaTrader 7 

Step 2:- Now go to the File >> New >> Chart 

Step 3:-  Now Select the Script (BANKNIFTY_I)
1. Always Load the Chart in Tick Time frame
2. You can load a maximum of 10 days for fast loading.
3. Without Tick Chart, it will not load the order flow chart properly.

Step 4:-  Chart Loading 

Step 5:- Now you can add the Orderflow/ FootPrint Indicator 

Just Right Click on Chart >>  Indicators

Step 6:-  Loading Orderflow / Footprint Indicator.

Price Matrix Table:- 

1. You need to select the Price Per Row as per the Stock Price
2. Filter Trade Size represents the Lot Size (If you are using Futures or Options)

Step 7:-  Final Orderflow 

5 Min Chart

Here, you can change the timeframe as per your analysis.

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