How to import historical data in NinjaTrader ?

How to Import / add Daily IEOD Data in Ninjatrader ?

NinjaTrader 8 allow you to load historical data for backtesting and research purpose.

You should have your Historical Data in NinjaTrader 8 Format, please go through the below screen to understand Ninjatrader Historical IEOD Data Format.

If you have the data in the above format then you can load this data in your NinjaTrader 8 seamlessly.
Step 1:- Open NinjaTrader and go to the Tools >> Historical Data 


Step 2:- In Historical Data Click on Load Options at the bottom.


Step 3:-  Now you will find multiple Options like Download, Import, Export, and get Market Replay Data.


Step 4:-  You should have to take care while selecting the Format - Data Type and Time Zone because it's too crucial to load the correct data in NinjaTrader 8.

Step 5:- Now Click on Import Options and select the file which you want to load it in Ninjatrder 8


Step 6:-  You will get successfully import data messages.


Step 7:-  Now you can see the loaded file available in your NinjaTrader Historical Data 

Step 8:-  You can open the chart and confirm the imported data properly available or not.

            !! Thank You for Interested !!

"Just Sit Back and Relax "Accelpix Customer will get the call from IEOD Department and they will help you to load IEOD Data in your NinjaTrader.

Happy Trading!

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