How to configure Realtime NSE Data in Excel ?

How to configure Realtime NSE Data in Excel ?

India's Fastest Realtime (Tick by Tick 1 Sec Updates) Data in MS Excel.

The following are the minimum requirements: -

1. Microsoft Office Excel 2010 or above 
2. Pix Connect Elite and the Above plans can be used with Excel.

How to Setup Pix Connect with Excel?

You just need to follow the three simple steps to connect our RT Data.

Before proceeding further make sure that Pix Connect (Realtime Data Plugin) is installed in your system.

If not, please install the Pix Connect and Enter the CRN number (as per your mail) to activate.

Download Pix Connect >> Click Here

After successfully activating Pix Connect you can follow the steps below.

Step 1:- 

Click the link below to download the RT Data Excel Plugin.

The Excel Plugin is here:  Click Here

Here is a sample template: Click Here

Please close the Excel if it's running in the background before the installation.

Step 2:- 

After the installation, you would have to give the Admin Rights.

For 32 Bit EXCEL >>  C:\Program Files (x86) \Microsoft Office\root\Office16 

For 64 Bit EXCEL >> C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

Now Right Click on EXCEL.EXE and go to the Properties >> Compatibility

Now Right Click on EXCEL.EXE again and Create the Desktop Shortcut

The Shortcut will be created on your Desktop, so please rename it to Accelpix Excel.

Step 3:- 

Now Open the Excel using that Accelpix Excel.

Now you can run the sample Template and check.

Options Acronyms:- 

1. LB = Long Buildup:-

Long build-up indicates that more investors are anticipating price increases and are taking Long positions. This can be due to many reasons including that the stock is in an oversold zone, some good news comes about the stock, or some positive global cues. During the long Build up the rate and Open Interest both rise.

2. SB = Short Buildup:-

Short buildup means more people are expecting the prices to go down and creating Short positions. You can simply look at Price and Open Interest to get an idea. If the price goes down and Open Interest goes up then it is a Short buildup. This signifies more traders are expecting the prices to go down

3. SC = Short Covering:-

Short covering refers to buying back borrowed securities in order to close out an open short position at a profit or loss. It requires purchasing the same security that was initially sold short and handing back the shares initially borrowed for the short sale. This type of transaction is referred to as buy to cover

4. LL = Long Liquidation or Long unwinding:- 

People who have Long positions will have to sell the positions. The open interest will decrease if Long positions are sold off. The price will decrease and Open interest will also decrease. This signifies Long Liquidation or Long unwinding

All Symbols as per Pix Connect Symbology only >> Click Here to Know more

Various Formulas which you can use to get the live feed in Excel:- 


Open:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","open")
High:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","high")
Low :-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","low")
Close:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","close")
Volume:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","vol")
Open Interest :-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","oi")
Previous Open Interest :-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","poi")
Average Trade Price:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","avg")
Previous Close:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","pclose")
Bid Price:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","bid")
Bid Qty:- =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","bidqty")
Ask Price:- =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","ask")
Ask Qty:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","askqty")
Last Traded Price:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","ltp")
Last Traded Qty:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","ltq")

New Features added on 16 Nov 2022
Last Traded Time:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","ltt")
Lot Size:-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","lot")
Expiry Date (For Futures and Options ):-  =RTD("pix",,"NIFTY_I","exp")

Wishing you the Happy and Most Profitable Trading!

We would love to help you, so please feel free to contact us for any help or support.

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