How to configure Fibonacci Trader/ Galactic Trader with Pix Connect ?

How to configure Fibonacci Trader/ Galactic Trader with Pix Connect ?

Hello Sir,

You can use multiple Technical analysis applications using Pix Connect.

The Products are.
1. Amibroker 
2. NinjaTrdare 
3. Metastock
4. Multicharts 
5. Advanced Get 
6. Fibonacci Trader/ Galactic Trader 

Here, will show you how to configure Pix Connect with Fibonacci Trader/ Galactic Trader.

You just need to go to the Fibonacci Trader/ Galactic Trader website >> Click Here and register the same.

Make sure the version which you have downloaded must be Fibonacci Realtime >> Click Here to Get the Same 

After the registration, you will get the download link. ( Mail Verification Required )

Now install the application and will create an icon on your desktop as below.

Now Right Click on that Icon and Give the Admin Rights.

How to Give Admin Rights >> Click Here 

Step 1:- Open the app 

It will ask you to enter the User ID and Password, which you had created during the registration.

You will get the below message the first time, just click on OK and continue ...

Now, will open the Data Vendor Settings. ( Under Utilities >> Data Source >> RT Data Vendors )

Select eSignal
User Name:- local
Password:- local
Tick Mark on "Auto download "

Step 2- How to create the Exchange (NSE India) 

Now go to the File >> Exchanges >> Edit Exchanges 

Here, you won't find NSE in the list. So we need to create an NSE India.

Add Exchange Name = NSE India
Exchange Abbreviation = NSE

Now go to the Default Trading Timing and Set the time as per below.

Now click on Save and add the Exchange 

Once the Exchange will appear in the List,  do right click and save as a default Exchange

Step 3:-  How to Add Symbols 
After successfully adding the exchange, please go to the FIle >> Symbols >> New Symbol 

Now add the symbol as below screen

You can add the multiple symbols as per your need

Step 4:- How to Open the Chart

Click on File >> New Chart 

Normal Chart:- 

Renko Chart :-

You can add the features available in this software.

Wishing you the Happy and Most Profitable Trading!

We would love to help you, so please feel free to contact us for any help or support.

LIVE CHAT Support >> Click Here 
E Mail Support >> write an email to
Call Support: +91 990 999 3349

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