Accelpix Options OI (Options Open Interest Analyser)

Accelpix Options OI (Options Analysis Tool)

Hello Folks,

Buying and selling options require the most thorough analysis. As a solution to this need, we are offering a product called Options OI, which combines a comprehensive view of desired options series with real-time analysis of open interest and volume.
The unique features of Options OI.

1. Open Interest Tracker (Change, Difference from previous OI, and Percentage Change)
2. Auto Snap to analyze the historical option.
3. OI comparison between call and put 
4. Volatilities of Calls and Puts
5. Comparing multiple expiry dates for calls and puts 

How to configure Options OI?

You can download the setup from Download Page >> Click Here

After Downloading, you can install the same.

Upon installation, a desktop icon will be created as shown below.

You can now launch the Options OI by double-clicking on it.

Please click "Go" after selecting all.

The graph will be displayed based on the expiry date and your stock selection.

Similarly, you can compare multiple expiries (you can do that by clicking on COI "Compare Open Interest").

It will open a new window for Comparing the OI.

Select the range you want, then click "Go" to continue.

It will show as below.

Auto Snap Features.

We have added the auto snap feature in order to understand the historical behavior of options. It is crucial for making the right trading decision.

You can check the snap data by following the steps below.

Click Tools >> Open Snapshot Folder

Now the Snap Folder will be opened as shown below.

You can contact our support for any help or technical queries about Options OI.

Wishing you the Happy and Most Profitable Trading!

We would love to help you, so please feel free to contact us for any help or support.

LIVE CHAT Support >> Click Here 
E Mail Support >> write an email to
Call Support: +91 990 999 3349

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